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Please review the following candidates for office. A link to vote is at the bottom of this page. Only active PT and PTA members are eligible to vote. 


Candidate for Chief Delegate

Kurt Neelly, PT, PhD

My name is Kurt Neelly, I am an associate professor in the DPT Program at Western Kentucky University and am running for the position of Chief Delegate for APTA KY. I am currently completing a 3-year term as the APTA KY Chief Delegate and served as an APTA delegate for the 3 years prior to that. Throughout this time, I have also served the APTA KY as the APTA KY Federal Affairs Liaison and a Federal Affairs Key Contact for KY Representative Brett Guthrie.

One of the greatest benefits of serving as a delegate to the APTA is the opportunity to work with many great therapists from Kentucky and throughout the United States. Listening to and working with these knowledgeable and hardworking individuals has pushed me to appreciate and respect the diverse thoughts and opinions of the members of the APTA. I take great pride in teaching DPT students the importance of actively serving the professional associations at both the state and national levels. I have also used my service to the House of Delegates as both an example of service as well as a tool for teaching. Serving APTA KY as both a delegate and chief delegate has required me to keep up with the year-round communication that the APTA House of Delegates has now become. These experiences have provided me with tremendous personal learning opportunities as well as sharing opportunities regarding the purposes and processes associated with the House of Delegate, APTA’s policy-making body, and federal advocacy processes.

The amount I have learned while serving the physical therapy profession has been immeasurable. I have enjoyed working for and with many of you, and I would be honored to continue serving in the capacity as the APTA KY Chief Delegate to the House of Delegates. I ask for and thank you for your vote.

Candidates for Delagate

Wendy Colley, PT, DPT

Professionally, I primarily work PRN in a hospital setting and part-time for my own company Touch Physical Therapy without a brick and mortar location, treating in home or gym, private pay. I began my physical therapy career in 2000 and have practiced in a variety of settings including sub-acute, outpatient, pediatrics, long-term care, home health, adult day, and ICF/MR (Kentucky and Indiana). I’ve served as a clinical instructor and I volunteer with Special Olympics serving as the Clinical Director for FunFitness.

I believe physical therapy is on the edge of a significant paradigm shift in primary care that will allow Physical Therapists to fully incarnate into greater leadership in primary care. Therapists may feel this idea is not relevant to you because you do not work in primary care physical therapy. In reality, you do work in primary care and always have. The nature of what we do in physical therapy is primary care. The idea that a practitioner needs to prescribe medication to qualify as primary care is a false premise. Medication is a form of therapy in primary care. Improving overall outcomes in patient care requires greater leadership from physical therapy. For physical therapists to assume stronger leadership, we need to improve how we market our profession within the framework of healthcare. This marketing improvement is pivotal on the idea that the DPT is of significant professional value as Doctor of Physical Therapy. If we do not honor that we as a profession have ascended to this level of leadership with this degree, we close the door blocking our own professional evolution. The DPT does not belong only to the practitioner that has these letters on their diploma. The DPT belongs to the entire profession. It raises the perceived value of the experienced PT with or without the DPT. It also raises the perceived value of the PTA. The DPT has a function as a marketing tool to improve the credibility of the profession. I believe we need to get passed this barrier within the profession to move forward. I believe once we do this, we will be able to take better control of improving professional aspects such as reimbursement. This will also help nurture the PT/PTA relationship to allow optimum teamwork/professional development. I intend to be a voice of reason moving the profession forward working in leadership on the state and national level. As APTA KY Delegate, I intend to make a difference improving ease of providing therapy, improving job security for therapists, and help to decrease conditions that add stress in the workplace. I will work to optimize CMS payment transitions and advocate for physical therapy reimbursement on the level of primary care. I will advocate for autonomous monitoring by physical therapists in medical research that involves human subjects. I will also advocate to address the burden of student loan debt. As Kentucky’s alternate delegate to the APTA House of Delegates, I’ve gained insight into this policy-making body and would appreciate your vote. 

Christine Price PT, MMSc, CWS

I am humbled and honored that you have provided me the opportunity to serve you as a Kentucky Delegate for 11 years, including the past 7 years.

The Kentucky Delegation is active and well respected in the House of Delegates. We have the unique opportunity to be leaders during the 2021 Centennial Celebration as we address evolving practice issues in the profession, including the scope of our practice. It is inspiring to participate in the governance process with so many leaders of the profession as we debate our organization’s priorities and goals. It is vital that we rely on proven leaders to help guide us through these debates. I would love the opportunity to continue to serve in the House of Delegates as we continue our work toward resolution of professional practice issues.

I have been an active member of the APTA since 1978 and of APTA KY since 1988. Over the course of my career I have practiced in many settings, including outpatient, rehab, academia and acute care. Working with patients, students, faculty, and clinicians has provided me insight into the challenges facing our profession. My experience at the Chapter and Section level gives me a knowledge base and skill set to serve you well as your delegate to the House.

I am asking for your vote to continue to serve as a Kentucky Delegate to APTA House of Delegates. If elected, I will continue to represent you on the issues as they pertain to PTs and PTAs in Kentucky, as well as to promote possibilities and perspectives for the future of the profession.

Robert (Bob) A. Sellin, PT, DSc

Board Certified Electrophysiologic Clinical Specialist
I am running for the office of delegate for the APTA Kentucky. My experience as a full-time clinician, part-time teacher, and decades of various leadership positions in the APTA KY and APTA have given me a broad-based understanding of the critical issues facing physical therapy today. While the issues are many, I will quickly address just two important topics in this position statement.

On paper therapists in most states have the ability to see patients without referral, yet in practice I don’t believe we have been able to fully embrace and implement independent practice. My experience with the military model during my career as a Navy physical therapist showed me how PT’s could act independently and collegially with medical professionals. Our best hope for the future is improving the best practices in medicine by strengthening the bonds between the diverse medical communities while maintaining our unique position in the medical marketplace.

Student debt remains a huge issue. It was enlightening and hopeful to hear Sharon Dunn, APTA President, speaking on this topic at the Combined Sections Meeting in Denver this past January. She didn’t talk about pie in the sky bail out programs but asked why the vast majority of Physical Therapy and Physical Therapist Assistant programs require many more hours than the number demanded by CAPTE. Even with the growing student debt program a vast number of new and expanding PT and PTA programs are coming online. The majority of educational programs give lip service to the student debt issue but continue with incredible expansion efforts. I believe we are going to see a bursting of the PT/PTA bubble in the near future. The current pandemic, which has altered practice and education as never before, will continue to act as a catalyst in the evolution of our profession as we begin the second century of our existence. Our ability to continue to thrive will be dependent on how astutely we can adapt to our changing world.

As a delegate I hope I can effectively listen to the PT’s and PTA’s of Kentucky and help represent their voices in the House of Delegates. Thank you for your consideration.

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